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Panda Walking Pet Balloon
Panda Walking Pet Balloon
$15.90  $9.90
Save: 38% off

Long Term Helium Gas Tank Rental

Our company specialize in helium gas tank rental since year 2005.
We offer 
high quality helium gas, stable supply and lowest pricing in Singapore.
For business users, we recommend 47 litres tank because you can inflate more balloons compare to 40 litres tank, thus more value for money.
Example: If you're inflating 12 inches latex balloons.
                40 litres inflate approximately 350 - 400 balloons.
                47 litres inflate approximately 550 - 600 balloons.

  • High quality helium gas purity 99.99% and odourless.
  • Helium Tank 47 Litres (6.6m3).
  • PSI reading 2200
  • Inflate approximately 600 units of 12 inches latex balloon.
  • Additional discount for MOQ 5 / 10 per order.
  • 30 days free loan.
  • Lowest per m3 rate.
  • 40 to 50% saving compare to other suppliers.

Act Fast, Stay Competitive and SAVE on your helium cost.

Click Here for inquiry. Please indicate your name / company / contact number in the email.
Theres no obligation, all inquiries will be kept in full confidential.